Agricultural Helicopter Training

Post-acquisition, we continue to provide agricultural helicopter training that enhances operational safety. Agricultural operations present distinct safety challenges not commonly encountered in other helicopter pilot roles. With seasoned instructors from the helicopter industry, AeroSmart Enterprise provides tailored safety training for your specific operation. Have you recently practiced handling an engine failure during takeoff or in a low-level spray run? These critical maneuvers aren’t typically covered in textbooks but are honed through years of helicopter flight expertise. While no universal solution fits every scenario, we make sure you’re equipped with the knowledge and skills to navigate potential challenges effectively.

Agricultural Helicopter Courses

  • Agricultural Specific Syllabus
  • Bi-Annual Flight Review
  • Initial Aircraft Transition Training
  • Instrument Competency
  • Insurance Required Recurrent Training
  • Insurance Required Transition Training
  • Low Level Auto Rotations
  • Post-Accident Remedial Training
  • Recurrent/Refresher Emergency Training
  • Turbine Transition Training

Our flight training courses provide you with comprehensive training for all major manufacturer models. If you have a question about a specific model, please feel free to Contact Us!